How to register
How to create a team
Joining a tournament
How to create an organisation

  • Enter your desired Username and Email address

  • Click Register
  • Check your email where you will receive a link to activate your account

  • Click Activate account
    If you did not receive your activation email, please check your JUNK and SPAM folder
  • The Link will redirect you back to to choose password

  • Click Submit to confirm password

For any further technical support please Contact Us here

Getting Started with your Team

Signing Up

Once registered an on the home page, Click Create Team from the left side Arrow.

Click Create Team the Arrow Menu.

Fill in all the required information

There are 5 types of Disciplines you can form a team for:

  1. Gaming
  2. Robotics
  3. Sim Racing
  4. Drone Racing
  5. Chess

Managing Your Team

When your Team has been created, you will have access to the front page of your Team Page.

Invite Friends

Here you can:

  • Step 1. Share page via: to your choice of platform to your Friends or anyone you want to join your team.
  • Step 2. Once your friends receive the link to the Team Page, they can request to JOIN the team.
    Players will be required to register on the ESA platform following the same process in the How to Register Guide
  • Step 3.  Accept or deny the join request

Team Owners will be notified about any new Requests of people wanting to join your organisation via email and ESA inbox.

Editing the Team

The Owner/Manager of the Team can edit numerous field-details of their Team.

Managing the Team

Once your teammates have requested to join the team, the Owner needs to Approve or Deny the persons request to join. Once approved and accepted by the Owner, the owner can now give roles to each of their team members in accordance to their role as per 2.4

Managing Roles

Owners or Managers will have a tool to assign each member to a group and assign a specific Role. Not everyone will have this functionality.

  1. Player Captain
  2. Non-Player Captain
  3. Coach
  4. Player only
  5. Reserve

If a team is made up of 5 players, for example, there need to 5 player-roles assigned to enter in a 5v5 tournament with the team.

The Team Owner can fill any role in the team from Captain to player to Reserve or Coach.

Getting Started - Joining a Tournament

Before you begin your Step-by-Step journey, below are a list of requirements to help you with a smooth experience.


Have you registered?

  • If you are not registered, the page will redirect you to the registration form.

For additional help please see How to register

Have you Joined/Created an Organisation?

  • If you are not a member of an organisation or team, you will be required to join or create an organisation.

For additional help please see Creating your own Organisation

Now that the above requirements have been done you can take your first step!

Find the Tournament Page

Click on the Main Menu Arrow, then Tournaments

This will take you to the tournaments page that will show you what current tournaments are currently available for Gaming, Robotics and Drone Racing and Chess.

Search the tournament you want to join and click.

You may receive a link via your friend, school, social media, WhatsApp. Click the link and it will direct you straight to the tournament page.

Tournament Page

Click Join Now

An eligibility check is done before an individual or team can join a tournament.

IF everything is green: JOIN THE TOURNAMENT

IF there are red status please follow the prompted steps on screen.

Contact Support if you cannot get through the process, one of our ESA representatives will be with you ASAP.

Once you have been allocated to a team, only the Team Captain/Owner/Manager may enter the team into the tournament.


Signing up

All schools/university clubs interested in competing in any HSESL or Varsity eLeague or partnered Education-Sector event, must apply for approval. The club registering needs to have a teacher serving as the supervising adult and or student representative counsel. For a school to participate, the teacher/representative tasked as the Champion, must create the organisation, and become the Organisation Owner.

Click Create Organisation from the Menu

Fill in all the required information in the form and submit.

There are 5 types of Organisations:

  1. Public
    1. This is for any and all persons to join
  2. Private
    1. For private clubs and members only
    2. Requires approval from club owner/manager
  3. University
    1. SRC or University Rep required to create
      1. Approval required from ESA Representative
  4. School
    1. Requires Teacher/SRC member of school to create
      1. Approval required from ESA representative
  5. Company
    1. Private company/corporate
      1. Requires employee/representative of Company
      2. Requires approval from ESA Representative

Club Approval Process

After the application has been filed, your club will be approved by an ESA representative. This process can take 1-2 days to complete. Once the identity of the organisation Owner has been verified, the club will receive a status of approved. You will receive an email confirming your club’s verification once it has gone through.

Managing Club

When your Organisation Club has been approved and or created, you will have access to the front page of your Organisation Page.

Invite Members

Here you can:

  • Share page via: to your choice of platform to your students and or parents
  • Students will be required to register following the same process in the How to Register Guide
  • Once registered they can request to Join the Organisation.

Owners will be notified about any new Requests of people wanting to join your organisation

At the bottom of the ALL MEMBERS page, Owners will be given an option to Approve or Deny accepted persons as members of the organisation.

Creating or Adding Groups

The Owner/Manager of the organisation has the ability to add groups to their organisation, I.E Under/14, Under/15, 2nd Team, 1st Team.

The purpose of groups is to create sub-categories and or sub-organisations that can micro-managed by Group Managers and to sort their organisation into more manageable sub-sections.

Create new Group:

Choose the name of your new group
Click Create

Managing Roles

Once groups have been created, Owners or Managers will have a tool to assign each member to a group and assign a specific Role.

Each group you create will be listed under the group Tab, in the above example, you will see several groups created by age group from u/14 to 1st Team in terms of school age groups.

Owners can assign Roles for members to serve different functions with responsibilities.

  1. Reserve
  2. Vice President
    1. VP’s get all-access to rights-management for the organisation except for deleting the organisation and setting other members as VP’s.
      1. Only Owners can assign VP’s
  3. Manager
    1. Managers are set roles and have high privileges to manage Groups and or Teams.
  4. Member
    1. Members have limited administrative access and are there to serve on teams as Captains, Vice Captains, Players and Reserves.
  5. Captain
    1. More functionality and control than a member, mostly set to manage a team or a group of teams.

Once Groups have been created, members can then be assigned to them by Managers.

  1. Choose Group
  2. Click Set group
  3. Member will be assigned to group
    1. Group members will only be able to play in group specific and allocated tournaments and leagues that meet the requirements from the Organisation Owner/Manager or Tournament-specific rules.

You can also invite students from your dashboard by selecting “Invite Students” under the My Club section of the Dashboard.

Creating Teams

Before a student can compete in a tournament, they will need to have their School Administrator, Captain, Manager to set up respective field-team according to their discipline:

Click Create New Team

  • Team Name
  • Select Game
    • If a game is not listed, please go to ESA Discord to request support
  • Format
    • Most tournaments will utilize standard format team; however, one must stipulate what format the team will be according to the game.
  • Click Create

Managing Teams

Once your team is created it will be listed on the organisation page on the Teams Overview Page.

Members will be able to request to join the team.


Owners and managers can add member/s to team/s manually from the Members Page.

Once the details are selected, you can add members to the roster by selecting their names under Add Members. Game connections must be established for that game or else the member will be rejected from being added.

Note: Only paid, active members will show as eligible to be added to a roster. If they are not paid, they will not show up on the roster screen.

Editing Team Page

Each team page can be changed, edited, removed directly.

Only Team Manager, Owner, Captain, VP can modify the team.

Assigning Player Roles


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